About Me

I’ve been drawing since i was 5, I was classified as “gifted” in the public school system at the age of 6 and accepted in to the ODC Art program for the gifted and talented at 9. I studied there one day a week for 5 years where i learned about art culture, history, and theory. We worked with just about every medium from drawing, painting, sculpting, pottery, print making, stained glass, and 3d mixed media. At 14 I was accepted into the Salem Art Academy where I studied art culture, drawing, painting, and metalsmithing. At 15 I started perusing my own interest in Photography and videography, learning from trial and error. I started editing photos in Adobe Photoshop and videos in Sony Vegas Pro. I then learned how to use Adobe Premiere Pro for videos and Adobe After Effects for motion graphics. I’ve worked with camera equipment such as Nikon DSLRs, Cannon DSLRs, Sony VX-1000, Panasonic DVC-40, and Panasonic DVX-100b. I interned for 10 months at Inky Dinx Printing & Design where I created graphics for clothing, signs, vehicles, and print. I also printed transparencies and burned screens, mixed inks, setup the press, and screen printed with plastisol and discharge inks. I’m good with Adobe Bridge, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, After Effects, Vegas Pro, Microsoft Office, PC and Mac platform.

Work History

Inky Dinx Printing & Design¬¬¬
Graphic Design Intern
8/1/11 – 6/1/12

Created templates, worked with clients, made invoices, designed t-shits and clothing, logos, business cards, vehicle wraps, boat wraps, signs, banners, corn hole boards, stickers, brochures and more. Made color separations, worked printers, cut stickers, burned screens, setup press, mixed ink, screen printed, sorted and boxed orders, and helped apply vehicle wraps. I worked with clients such as Spartyka fight League, Fame All-stars, Ocean Breeze Water Park, Z104 and more.

The Compound Music Studio¬¬¬
Graphic Design Intern
2/1/12 – 4/1/12

Created logos, business cards and clothing.

Creative Art & Design studios¬¬¬
Graphic Design Intern
2/2/13 – Present

I create logos, graphics for clothing, and anything else he throws at me. I work from home communicating through email, going to the office every once in a while.


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