Activity Hut Logo

activity hut logo

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Ellipse Media Advisory Logo

ellipse logo

Ellipse Media Advisory provides business services in the digital media arena, for luxury, design and technology clients, ranging from corporations to start-ups. The consultancy is managed by Lawrence Kaplan, who has 20+ years of experience in building digital businesses to sustainable business models and profitability. His strategic and operational focus helps clients deliver on their media, marketing and business goals.

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Jimmy Dillon Logo

jimmy dillon logo

I am a musician I play guitar, sing, write and perform.

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On The HORN Logo

This logo is for a podcast. It will become the main show on the network of the same name.
The Network is Hartford Online Radio Network:
The Show is OnTheHORN

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Capsula Logo

capsula logo

Capsula is a new, agile company that is going to challenge major market leaders on managing communication between parents, pupils, teachers and administration staff in and around elementary schools in Denmark.

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SG Logo

sG logo

Solutions Graphiques is a business that offers graphic design solutions to small and medium size businesses

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Clements Logo

clements logo

We are an independent insurance agency representing the largest variety of finacially sound and reputable insurance companies. This ables us to find the best coverage for the lowest premium.
Our target audience is families between ages 25-60 and small to medium businesses.

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